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Title: [Runner Up] Nateb
Post by: Zach on 12 January 2010 03:16 PM
   Captains Log Stardate 63555.1.  We have just entered a star system that Long Range Sensor scans show was recently abandoned by the Borg.  It is not known why the Borg left the system, so we have come here to investigate. End log.

   "We are approaching the system, captain!"

   "Drop us out of warp and engage impulse engines.  Begin scanning!"

   "Scans show that the system has eleven planets captain, The third, fourth and fifth planets are in the star’s habitable zone. The sixth planet is Class-L, the first and second planets are very close to the star and contain high amounts of heavy metals and the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth planets are all gas giants.  Sir, I cannot get a reading on the 11th planet, something is interfering with our scans, some kind of directed interference from inside the system."

   "Hmm. Three planets in the habitable zone - that’s very interesting. Helm - lay in a course to the third planet, lets start there.

   "Aye, Sir....Entering orbit in 15 seconds”

   Landing on the edge of a verdant plain, the away team embarked on their mission. Their destination was a mountain range resting at the edge of the plains, where there were signs of activity.  They set off for their day‘s passage across the plain. 

   Rocks of red and brown started to punctuate the lush field they had so comfortably crossed and their journey was finally beginning to set in.  Looking back, the ship is only a glimmer of light in the distance.  Soon, they crossed the threshold of the foot of the mountains and the lively grass is only left in miserable patches between boulders and rocks like the remnants of its last meal in its teeth.

   As they clambered  over the uneven terrain, the captain was stopped by the sight of what looked like bodies.   Just a pile of bones and rotting flesh remained of whatever has died there.  The captain sifted  through it to find any clues as to what it used to be.  He discovered what looked like Borg technology.  He decided to send word back to the ship. 

   Before he could send his message, a broken voice transmission came in through the his communicator.  “Sir, We‘re experiencing some diffic…Something’s surrounding the shi…a swarm of someth…darkness—” The transmission went silent. 

    The team looked back toward the ship to see a cloud of darkness spreading over the field.  It was growing rapidly and moving toward them.  Trying to figure out what it was and what to do, it was coming too quickly and they took cover behind the rock around them.

   The darkness swarmed around them like a dust storm and they could not see.  “SIMs beacons!” The captain shouted, but made no sound.  The beacon lit up and he could see his teams’ beacons light up, but the darkness overtook the light quickly. 

   The darkness swallowed the light and the captain felt an uneasy silence.  He could only hear his thoughts, not even the rushing sound of the swarm.   He was unable to move and was filled with calm before a new voice entered his mind.

   Why have you disturbed us? The voice said, coming from nowhere, but inside the captains head.

   We came to find answers. The captain did not speak, but only thought this.  He did not know if the voice could hear him or if it was even real.  But the voice did hear him.

   There are no answers here.  Only silence.  Only Us.  We do not wish to cause harm.

   The captain still wasn’t sure if this was a real conversation inside his head.  What about the Borg? Is that not harm you used them?  They’re dead. He imagined the bodies he had seen. He feared this darkness may impart to his crew the same future.

   It was one.  Many bodies, but one mind.  When the silence freed the bodies, they became fearful and angry.  It was not us.  Please, leave us. 
   At this, the darkness started to flow and materialize;  It looked human.  The captain could see his team again and they all stood, confused and troubled, as this dark man shaped cloud that stood before them, before it dissolved into nothing. 

   “What just happened, everything went silent. Captain, are you ok?” One of the officers said.

   “I know the truth.”

   The crew returned to ship and the ship to space.  They had come in search for answers and answers they found.  What those answers meant would remain a mystery and  the questions they raised unanswered.    The captain wondered if he had encountered an important ally or a fearsome foe, but he knew that sometimes the greatest truths lie in silence.