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Title: Gemini Fleet saying Hi
Post by: GF_Aussie on 22 June 2010 03:29 PM
G'Day there Hailing Frequency and all it's members.

My name is Aussie from Gemini Fleet, there are many here that know of us and I would like to say Hi.

For those that do not know us, we are a Roleplaying fleet that started back in 2006 around the time that STO was initially announced. We have spent the time roleplaying whilst we waited, and in that time our community has grown and shrunk, leadership changed, websites changed and we are still around. We have an established Academy system if you wish to attend or just enjoy a friendly community.

Currently we have a small roleplaying group left and we have members playing STO. We also host the forums for many MMO guild/fleet groups under the banner of Gemini Fleet.

We are now reshuffling the organisation to keep up with the times and would like to invite all previous Gemini Fleet members back and to let any one else know that they are welcome to join us.

www.geminifleetcommand.com (http://www.geminifleetcommand.com)

So if you are looking for some fun roleplaying, a stable fleet and play many MMO's, check out and feel free to sign up
Title: Re: Gemini Fleet saying Hi
Post by: BLZBUB on 23 June 2010 03:39 AM
 Good to hear Gemini is still afloat Aussie.

 Will definately keep our sensors tuned to watch for you all in game.