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Title: UFOP: Starbase 118 PbeM
Post by: ~Mo~ on 17 April 2013 10:36 AM
We are a community of people who love writing and Star Trek. We've been together as a group since June of 1994 and have enjoyed years of simming under a highly trained command staff. Our group offers an extensive and complete training course upon acceptance that will acclimatize you to our rules and ways of simming. We also offer a very active forum, an online database to organize your character's information, and of course, a ship to suit your simming style. Our group's minimum age requirement is 13, and we are rated PG-13 for content. We'd love to have you join our group. See you soon!

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Title: Re: UFOP: Starbase 118 PbeM
Post by: ~Mo~ on 21 April 2013 03:37 PM
 :startrek034: Stardate 238912.26 :startrek034: Personal Log, Ensign Wanda DyAmone, ACMO USS Drake

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When I arrived from Academy I landed aboard the USS Drake in the middle of double attack from enormous space dwelling creature and huge poisonous bugs. Aparently bugs were a creation of one of the "slaves" huge creature ensnared to be a helper, and were created to neutralize small creatures aboard vessels, like us.

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Within the first hour aboard, before even reported to my Commanding Officer or CMO, I lost my first patient. When I scanned him all I could do was to give him pain relief medicine to make his last moments easier, there was no way to save him. It was a shakeout that I needed at that time. When I was offered a gun I took it and I used it. Im a doctor, not Commando! ::Sigh.::

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