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Title: Antares Project: Legacy - A forum based Star Trek RPG
Post by: CptRoLorne on 25 July 2014 03:25 PM
Antares Project: Legacy, a forum based role play game where participants can write narrative fan fiction, or "sims" set in the Star Trek Universe. Each sub-forum represents a particular ship and serves as a catalog of all of their missions, hosts character biographies, acts as a platform for out of character discussion or provides forum wide announcements.

“Never before have we witnessed galactic turmoil on so many fronts, whether or not Starfleet and the UFP can continue to make a stand on so many fronts is simply not yet known. But we will try...”

In the post Dominion War and fall of Romulus galaxy the challenges are the biggest Starfleet and the UFP have ever faced; resources are scarce and every faction is jostling for control. Starfleet have renewed their mission of exploration and briefly established a working, if occasionally hostile, coalition with the Klingon and Romulan Empires in the Shybal Expanse – A relatively unexplored area of space between the Cardassian Union and the Talarian Republic.

Ultimately both the Klingons' and Romulans' pulled their operations from the coalition leaving the UFP in sole control of the area and the locally known space mining station Themis Rock. Re-designated Outpost 319 it has now become the central base of operations for the Starfleet and UFP in this part of space.

Now recruiting for:

Outpost 319, Themis Rock


Operations Officer - Vacant - Apply Now! (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14X3ncrvMipjiQWH-gZLch9FEkuvsmMrROGtRI1Kmdlw/viewform)

Deck Officer - Vacant - Apply Now! (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14X3ncrvMipjiQWH-gZLch9FEkuvsmMrROGtRI1Kmdlw/viewform)

Security Officer - Vacant - Apply Now! (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14X3ncrvMipjiQWH-gZLch9FEkuvsmMrROGtRI1Kmdlw/viewform)

Chief Engineering Officer - Vacant - Apply Now! (http://"https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14X3ncrvMipjiQWH-gZLch9FEkuvsmMrROGtRI1Kmdlw/viewform")

Engineering Officer - Vacant - Apply Now! (http://"https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14X3ncrvMipjiQWH-gZLch9FEkuvsmMrROGtRI1Kmdlw/viewform")

Science & Medical

Chief Science Officer - Vacant - Apply Now! (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14X3ncrvMipjiQWH-gZLch9FEkuvsmMrROGtRI1Kmdlw/viewform)

Science Officer - Vacant - Apply Now! (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14X3ncrvMipjiQWH-gZLch9FEkuvsmMrROGtRI1Kmdlw/viewform)

Medical Officer - Vacant - Apply Now! (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14X3ncrvMipjiQWH-gZLch9FEkuvsmMrROGtRI1Kmdlw/viewform)

Counsellor - Vacant - Apply Now! (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14X3ncrvMipjiQWH-gZLch9FEkuvsmMrROGtRI1Kmdlw/viewform)
Title: Re: Antares Project: Legacy - A forum based Star Trek RPG
Post by: BLZBUB on 26 July 2014 07:36 AM
 Thank you CptRoLorne, for the post. And welcome aboard the UFP DevilFish, the premiere news ship of the United Federation of Planets.

 In checking out your links in your post, I find they all lead to an unavailable page on google docs, which means that I am probably not signed into google and cannot get the page.

 For your convenience, I am including your home page, which I got off of the Antares Project: Legacy Facebook page:

http://treksim.nodebb.com/ (http://treksim.nodebb.com/)

 If it aids you, I would suggest you just delete the sign up links and leave the position descriptions for readers to read over, and then you may want to also edit in the link to the NodeBB home page of Antares Project.

 Again, welcome aboard the DevilFish, and I hope to be able to hear more from Outpost 319.
Title: Re: Antares Project: Legacy - A forum based Star Trek RPG
Post by: CptRoLorne on 26 July 2014 10:43 AM
Apologies for the broken links. I've now amended them.

Title: Re: Antares Project: Legacy - A forum based Star Trek RPG
Post by: CptRoLorne on 26 July 2014 12:36 PM
Themis Rock Outpost 319: A Brave New World

In 2376 the 3 remaining power bases in the Alpha quadrant (Federation, Klingon and Romulan) embark on a joint mission to the Talar System in the Shybal Expanse – the area of space between the Talarian Republic and the Cardassian Union - in search trilithium and other rare minerals, these were finally discovered in large enough quantities on asteroid 07114. Soon teams of workers were working round the clock excavating the precious ore and remodelling the asteroid interior into a working outpost with a base of operations, living area, processing plants and all the other facilities needed for such a large mining operation.

However things went wrong, badly wrong. After only 7 years of intensive mining the supposedly endless supply of trilithium began to dry out. The first to pull out of the venture were the Romulans leaving the Federation and Klingon empire joint custodians of a rock in the middle of nowhere with nothing to show for it, eventually even the Klingons left citing political instability on Qo’nos, but everyone knew the real reason was they didn’t trust the Romulans and having so many personnel tied up in a white elephant so far from Klingon space was far from ideal so ownership of asteroid 07114 was handed over wholly to the Federation, a mere 6 months later the once promising rock on the edges of known space within the Shybal Expanse was silent as the last Federation ship ferried the remaining skeleton crew home.

The Rock Reborn

In 2387 Themis Rock was re-designated as Outpost 319 but is still colloquially known as Themis Rock. The Outpost was retrofitted and is large enough to provide a strategic base of operations for Starfleet and Federation concerns within the sector but small enough to be considered a frontier station.

The outpost’s re-launch coincides with Starfleet’s return to galactic exploration. Starfleet wishes to press the expanse’s Federation controlled interests in each direction thus setting up a power base at the outer limits of its operations.

Its operation fell under the joint command of Commander Ro Lorne and Commander Hal Cirrix. Shortly after they assumed command they were joined by Lt. Commander Doctor Isabelle Royce who assumed the mantle of Chief Medical Officer and Lieutenant Elly Doral as Chief of Security.

Their first act aboard the outpost was to give sanctuary to a group of time lost 21st century military veterans who arrived aboard an alien shuttle. From their ranks Lieutenant Jg. Tom Ford joined the team as Chief of Operations.
Title: Re: Antares Project: Legacy - A forum based Star Trek RPG
Post by: CptRoLorne on 27 July 2014 10:39 PM
Alone in the darkness?

With its nearest Starfleet neighbours, Galen Station, some three weeks at maximum warp away Themis Rock is considered the next logical way station within the new frontier of the Shybal Expanse’s outer reaches.

The surrounding sectors of space are largely unexplored and thus Themis Rock has been assigned the Nova class USS Artemis – NCC 91763. As well as providing strategic support for the outpost she is a vessel of science and exploration.

The USS Artemis is one of the new breed of Nova class refits. The interior of the ship is almost the same but features state of the art science facilities. The refit also had superior tactical firepower and shield strength to that of its predecessor.

These new science and tactical enhancements soon proved to be invaluable when the outpost crew made first contact with the Morlo, an aquatic space faring race located approximately seven light years from the Talar System. Having made first contact the crew aided the Morlo overcome their natural predator the despair squid who’s ink contained a psychotropic poison which ultimately caused Commander Hal Cirrix sever neurological damage which placed him in a coma and he was returned to Bajor by his family.

Upon returning to the outpost the crew picked up a distress call from the long since thought destroyed USS Nehru an Akira class starship that had been lost during the final days of the Dominion War. Having been set adrift after being hit by a new kind of Dominion weapon the crew fashioned solar sails to try to propel it back to Federation space.

The Nehru crew placed themselves in to suspended animation in an effort to preserve their lives during the long journey back home. During their long sleep one of the solar sails failed and knocked the ship further off course eventually ending up close enough to the outpost to be rescued where the two surviving crew members, Lieutenants Remm Anar and Xeren Ra-Yaltreii, joined the outpost as Chief Science Officer and Chief Engineering Officer respectively. The ship was towed back to the outpost where it was placed in dry-dock for repair and refit.
Title: Re: Antares Project: Legacy - A forum based Star Trek RPG
Post by: CptRoLorne on 29 July 2014 06:08 PM
A new direction

When a mysterious saboteur sets a device off aboard Outpost 319 it launches the base in to a subspace funnel and deposits the Outpost and her crew some 40 years in the past and light years away from their original home in the Talar System.

Realising they are now in Andorian space they begin to repair the damage caused by the jump. Shortly after repairs get underway the enigmatic Captain Milo van Dahl and the crew of the USS Omega, a Wells class time ship, arrive to offer a clue as to the reason they have been abducted from their original time and space. The Omega also brings back Commander Ro Lorne’s time lost friend Commander Audrina Calista who is acting as the Omega’s mission specialist.

It transpires that the Outpost has been taken to stop a Romulan attack on Andoria designed to cripple the Federation at the same time the Klingon Empire is crippled by the Khitomer massacre. With the aid of Major Nortak and his crew, who happened to be docked at the Outpost when it began to move, the USS Artemis was able to stop the first wave of the assault and ultimately turn back the invading fleet.

Meanwhile aboard the Outpost the remaining crew hunt for the saboteur and discover it to be Commander Ro’s missing daughter Ashla who had been brain washed by a mysterious Romulan intelligence officer to set off the devices that moved the Outpost.

While Ashla is interrogated and deprogrammed Captain Milo van Dahl shows his true colours as a trans-spatial and trans-dimensional pirate by revealing his plan to steal the Outpost as his new base of operations. The crew discover that van Dahl has fitted a trans-spatial trans-dimensional (TTTD) jump device to each of the Outposts reactor cores.

Having foiled van Dahl’s plans and ousted him from the Outpost the crew activate the TTTD devices with plans to return home.
Title: Re: Antares Project: Legacy - A forum based Star Trek RPG
Post by: CptRoLorne on 04 August 2014 09:40 PM
A new home

The TTTD devices malfunction and create a stable subspace anomaly bisecting the Outposts’ umbilical turbolift shafts. One half of the Outpost remains within Andorian space while the other has returned to the Talar System. Now each half can only be traversed via the turbolifts.

Upon returning to their correct time period Lt. Commander Doctor Isabelle Royce is recalled to Starfleet Medical. Commander Audrina Calista and Lieutenant Professor Remm Anar return to their native Trill to recover from their own ordeals at the hands the evil Captain Milo can Dahl. Lieutenant Ellie Doral is recalled to Galen Station at the request of her mother, Captain Ycari Doral, to take a new position.

Starfleet dispatch Commander Alex Davidson, a Starfleet Corp of Engineers specialist and the USS Destiny to the Talar System side of the Outpost. The USS Destiny is reassigned to act as support vessel for the Talar side of the Outpost and Commander Davidson is assigned as the Outpost’s new Chief Engineer following the promotion of Lt. Commander Xeren Ra-Yaltreii to the position of First Officer.

Also aboard the USS Destiny are Lieutenant K'Tyra Parker who joins the crew as Deck Officer in charge of the day to day running and flight control of both the USS Destiny and the USS Artemis. Ensign Solor joins the crew as Acting Chief Science Officer in Professor Anar’s absence. Lieutenant Jg John Ray joins the crew as Acting Chief of Security following the departure of Lieutenant Doral.

As a result of their efforts to stop the crew of the USS Omega Ensign Lissan Sh’Tahl and Lieutenant Jg. Tom Ford are promoted to Lieutenant Jg and Lieutenant respectively. During the promotion ceremony the crew receive news that the star Hobus has gone supernova and obliterated Romulus and Remus. Commander Ro dispatches the USS Artemis under the command of Lt. Commander Ra-Yaltreii to aid in the search and rescue of survivors.

Meanwhile Ops receive a call from the Orion Mining Corps’ (OMC) Doctor Phyllis Ball requesting assistance on the planet Xibalba that is home to an active Iconian Gateway. Commander Ro dispatches the USS Destiny under the command of Commander Davidson to assist and investigate.

Following investigations it is discovered the Iconian Gateway has been activated by the residual energy from the Hobus Supernova. The gateway opened to a distant planet where several exploratory parties from different species had become trapped.

Having closed the Iconian Gateway the crew of the USS Destiny decide to remain on Xibalba with the returnees and the OMC exploratory party to set up a colony to support the refugees and survivors of the Hobus supernova that had arrived on Outpost 319.