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Title: The ST:O Era
Post by: Random Redshirt on 26 February 2008 05:59 AM
I ran a poll like this before, and wanted to run it again before a new audence as well as those who sounded off in the past.

Esentially, if you had control of the development of ST:O, what era would you set the game in, and why?

I chose the Lost Era which takes place after the launch of the Enterprise B up to just before the launch of the Enterprise D.

My reasons for this were pretty simple. First of all, by utilizing an already established timeframe within Trek history, the creative work has been done for you. You have no need to spend time trying to conjure up the "next look" for Trek meaning new uniforms, new ships, new races, new technology, etc like what PE was going through. Instead that dev time can be focused on generating the best game possible, with unique gameplay concepts and awesome missions.

Secondly, this era has something for just about all Trek fans. The uniform style is a popular one. (Maroon Jacket, Black Pants first seen in TWOK) The ships of this era have great popularity as well. You would have Constitution Class Refits, Excelsior Class, Excelsior Class Refits, Miranda Class, Soyuz Class, Oberth Class, Ambassador Class and others. The technology is starting it's transistion from the old style technology in the movies to the newer style seen in TNG and beyond. You have Klingons who are semi-allies but still a bit contemptous of the Federation, the Romulans are still the fierce enemies we all known them for, the Ferengi are just hitting their stride, all in all it's a fun era to be a part of.

Third, this era has not seen much storyline, so there is no need to worry about many canon events, because other than the Enterprise C and the Stargazer, not much is known about the events of this era. Also, you don't have the problem that PE could have ran into where they create a future Trek, but then later on a new series comes out that is post Nemesis and looks nothing like what PE developed, which would sour fan's opinions of the game.

Fourth, by starting in an established period, you give yourself a good opportunity to come abck later and create an expansion pack that would advance the era, and give players a virtually new game set in some of the other popular Trek eras such as the TNG and VOY era.

All in all, I believe that the Lost Era would be a dang good place to start the ST:O trek through the stars!
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Starbear on 26 February 2008 06:05 AM
You know my favorite class of Ship is the Miranda-class, so I'm going to go with the Golden Era. Also its a time of a ton of political and social changes, the Klingons are enemies but slowly become friends. Also I think there is a TON of room to explore what other stuff was going on in the galaxy during that period because we only get a glimps of it through the movies. Its kinda like in Star Wars, we know about the clone wars but not enough to make it a major aspect of the universe.

Though the same could be said with the era that follows the Golden Era.
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Zach on 26 February 2008 06:16 AM
I voted for the future era, for two simple reasons:

1 ) It lets the writers for STO be completly free to write their own canon and take the story to bold new levels.

2 ) There is nothing stopping you from visiting all of the previous eras in the holodeck  nk2
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Random Redshirt on 26 February 2008 06:22 AM
Yeah, but if the only way you could visit the good eras in Trek was through the Holodeck, wouldn't you simply be breeding a whole new crop of Barclay Holo-addicts?

LOL  nk4

Heck, I'd be one of them. Really, the future beyond Nemesis doesn't hold my interest like the other eras, maybe because I'm a bit old fashioned, or maybe because I didn't like the action figure spandex uniforms that PE had put forward...
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Starbear on 26 February 2008 07:11 AM
Well to answer your shoutbox stuff, since you've logged out. I hope that no matter what Era they go for they have a progression of time. If you note the Golden Era is only a decade or so, and then it ends I would hope that the story progresses as the game ages and thus you'd eventualy reach the bold frontier of the Lost Era and have all the material of the players experiences in the Golden Era to build some realy amazing story archs and interesting concepts.

Also by having it start in a familiar era such as the Golden Era and moving it into the Lost Era you may draw more fans because its fimilar to them and not so "new" and "alien". Once you move passed the highly documented Golden Era you can then build new concepts in the Lost Era, like ships that we've never heared about... wars and explorations that never realy got talked about because that era isn't highly documented.

All in all I think that major block of time would ge a great setting for STO. Your not alone in the fact that you didn't like the concepts of post-nemisis, alot of people feel that way. By going with both blocks you get the feel of TOS and Next Gen because that era bridges them both, so both major groups of trek fans would be content and happy. That is somthing that is always debated in Trek forums and chatrooms acrossed the web... which is better Kirk or Picard, and this would be a great dev answer... both!
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Sarevok on 26 February 2008 11:26 AM
I went with future, for the same reasons as Zach.
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Falin on 26 February 2008 02:47 PM
I went for the "Missing" era, the 80 year gap between TOS and TNG, there's a lot  of potential there, it has a defined beginning and end, so stories would be easier to blend in. Plyaers wouls still see old favs of ships and the transstion ships to the new ships as well. the klingons aren't all perfectly content with the Feds, so there's still some "border" clashes deal to del with, Rom's sneak in every now and then. and there's tyon's of unexplored "known TNG" areas to be the first into, imagine a Firstcontact mission to a Future TNG Member planet.

Definatly a good time frame, would shorten development when they alreadt know how the story starts and ends.
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Starbear on 27 February 2008 08:23 PM
I was thinking about this very question when I woke up this morning and I think I've come up with another reason to back the Golden Era --> Lost Era concept. The cureent movie that will be coming out late this year is based in the "Kirk Years", people will be hyped up on Trek but in a classic kind of way. This also alows for the devs to tie in story archs (not much mind you as we all know movie tie-ins tend to be bad in games haha) and theams that the movie presents to its viewers. The main point is that since people will be hyped up on the classic eras it may be worth looking into for the devs. Also as I mentioned before you've got your fans of both eras being happy since they get a taste of both in the lost era.
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Kinneas on 27 February 2008 09:17 PM
...back the Golden Era --> Lost Era concept... ...People will be hyped up on Trek but in a classic kind of way. ... ... The main point is that since people will be hyped up on the classic eras it may be worth looking into for the devs.

Concept: CBS, Amarillo Design Bureau and future DEVs work closely and pick up where the movie ends. Share storyline between series and online experience. Run in that era a year or two...or five. :) ,  Then start pushing us back out into re-imagined TNG, DS9, Voy era.

Concept: "BATTLESTATIONS!": People coming to grips with the 'we are not alone'  provides a very violent time to begin in (the primary 'meat and potatoes of a starting MMO???) .  The greatest story is how we deal with it?
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Nova on 27 February 2008 09:36 PM
I voted for future Era mainly because should Cryptic pick up the STO development, I have seen what they have done with regards to Time Travel in a MMO, and while I am not endorsing the method in which they did it for STO, I do know that they are mindful of how to handle time travel into new zones and creating Dynamic zones that will reflect how the zone looks feels and reacts to players depending on how the battle actually shifts from one side to the next.

so with that in mind I think that within STO we will most likely have a very good opportunity to travel to other Era's outside of the Holodeck.
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Bajoran Berrie on 27 February 2008 09:58 PM
future all the way. pretty much the same reasons as zach. but the only way that the dev team can make a game that wont be nit picked to hell and back is if they create new technologies and ships etc. also artist licence applies to the other races (and enemies) ingame. But i wouldnt be adverse to travelling into a temporal rift if i saw one ... u never know u might land on Capt James T Kirks lap.
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Crazyfist on 03 March 2008 02:42 PM
Well, mainly I think starting in like a year after nemesis is good and cool, I dont want too futuristic stuff, let technology develop later.

But, it would be cool if it was based on the start of the Dominion war, then thered be increased dominion activity and later a full fledged war.

In expansion packs, you could be dominion, cardassian, romulan, klingon?  It would be kindof cool, but i guess weve already seen it. Just an idea, and

officially i say nemesis era.
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Mendez on 03 March 2008 03:21 PM
Golden era definatly. I wanna be on a miranda like starbear. But the era moving on is a good idea because i want to be on some of the TNG era ships too. Or if expansions were made they could be in later eras.
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: SpeakThoseWords on 21 May 2008 12:31 PM
I really can't imagine STO not taking place at the end of the Nemesis Era or the beginning of the future Era... maybe its just because I never got into TOS, or because I hate the maroon Jacket Uniforms, but the idea of shoehorning STO between established storylines seems like a remarkably bad idea, storytelling-wise.  There are certainly players who have a great love for that area, and see great opportunities, and I think it should be given some loving time and attention in regards to holodeck missions, but that's not an era I'd want to live in, simply because the vast majority of my Star Trek experience (DS9, Voy) would be irrelevant.  No familiar locations.  No familiar ships.  Nada.  "STO for real ST fans" ... no thanks.

I'd almost rather live in the Archer's Enterprise era, in the hopes that they'd get it 'right' and we could use ship mounted projectiles and nukes in the Earth-Romulan War...
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: BLZBUB on 21 May 2008 04:11 PM
 Well, I've seen it all, from the first female XO to the death of Data, and from within that time span, I have voted for...

But first, I would like to reiterate that, as mentioned before, any and all of the era's could be visited with in-game time travel plot twists, and we must remember that although the Temporal Prime Directive is being monitored from the 29th century, we can all still get sent on a temporal mission now and then. Into the past to correct the time line for example.
 Back to the future, chasing a rogue agent. The list is long.
 Thus, I have opted for.....future era! ;)
Title: Re: The ST:O Era
Post by: Zach on 19 June 2008 02:08 PM
I think its pretty obvious that the future era will allow the most flexability for STO