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Title: Solaris Defence Force [SDF]
Post by: [SDF] Ares on 16 May 2010 06:28 PM
Hi thier,

The Solaris Defence Force is a new muti game clan that is looking for more members to help swell the ranks, as well as members we are looking for people to help lead the gaming Departments (MW2,GOW,STO ect) through we focusing more on STO at the moment althrough at present we need more people to help form the fleet on STO,as well as fragging anything that moves in cyberspace we also enjoy chatting among the extended Solaris Family so if this sounds like your kind of clan Please dont hesitate to pop over to http://www.solaris-community.com/forum/index.php (http://www.solaris-community.com/forum/index.php) and drop me a PM or if you wish to speak to the bossman simply drop [SDF] Firestorm a line and he will be more then happy to asnwer any questions you might have, for more set in stone infomation about the clan our main website url is http://www.solaris-defence-force.com/ (http://www.solaris-defence-force.com/) Thank you for your time i look forward to hearing from you =)

[SDF] Ares, Clan XO, Chief of Security.