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Author Topic: ''Ater Cronos'' Fleet battle wallpaper  (Read 13662 times)

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Re: ''Ater Cronos'' Fleet battle wallpaper
« Reply #10 on: 03 January 2009 10:13 PM »
Nice work, although I would suggest showing more realism.  Of course, by that I mean displaying more disabled and dying fedrat-traps with many more Imperial vessels in the heat of glorious victory.   :startrek004:

Offline Kinneas

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Re: ''Ater Cronos'' Fleet battle wallpaper
« Reply #11 on: 04 January 2009 05:01 AM »
LOVE IT!  If you or anyone else cares to contribute some art for Hailing Frequency news, etc...please contact Zach for a list of potential graphics we could use.

If you have any suggestions at all for helping H.F. let us know.