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Author Topic: An Introduction to the United Federation of Planets [UFP] Gaming Fleet  (Read 6221 times)

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Join us now!

UFP was formed by the union of two great fleets, Federation Command [FC] and the Federation [FEDS], with the desire to make the biggest and best trek-only fleet in the entire community. UFP supports as many trek games as possible, such as:

  • Elite Force I
  • Elite Force II
  • Bridge Commander
  • Starfleet Commander III
  • Armada I
  • Armada II
  • Legacy PC
  • Legacy XBOX 360
  • Star Trek Online
UFP is always looking for new recruits. Please take a good look at our fleet infrastructure (see website) and if you have what it takes don't hesitate to join us.
If you've seen enough to convince you already, click here to join us now!
UFP was formed under the precepts of fair game play and equal opportunity. Every cadet who enters the Fleet may one day become Fleet Admiral if he or she is of the right material, or at least go very far in the clan if they present themselves as capable and willing officers. We have many Veteran officers with heaps of experience that are willing to help you develop any aspect of leadership, gaming, diplomacy, or even role-playing. This means that if trek is your thing, you'll feel right at home here.
Starting to get interested now? I hope so. Below is a summary of what we have to offer:

  • Increased enjoyment of online gaming
  • Trek-only atmosphere and member pool
  • Diverse fleet with people from all around the globe
  • Military-style command structure
  • Stable Fleet structure
I hope to see your application!

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Now now oda, lets not spam the forums, there is already an introductionary thread for UFP here.  :wink:

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This is not simply a recruitment post, but is intended to help familiarise people with who the United Federation of Planets [UFP] are and what we actually do. This is as much intended for people looking to join or start relations with a good gaming clan (or as we prefer to be called, a good gaming fleet) as it is for the keen trek enthusiast who just wants to know what kinds of organisations exist out there in deep space. I will attempt to lock this document so that certain undesireables *cough* Hyperion *cough*, who sadly have posting priviledges on this forum cannot, pollute this topic with their unfounded blasphemous words of utter shi...ftiness.

UFP is a Star Trek gaming Fleet dedicated to all current, past and future Star Trek games. Our objectives, according to the UFP Constitution are:

   1. The advancement of the Star Trek gaming ethos.
   2. Enjoyment of online gaming.
   3. To co-operate with all bodies of similar aims.
   4. To unite the Star Trek community as much as possible.

We achieve the first two by maintaining an organisation within UFP called "Starfleet". Every member of UFP is part of Starfleet, which is composed of 3 Fleets. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fleets which all have different spheres of influence. Each Fleet in UFP is supposed to represent the firepower of a normal sized Star Trek fleet in the community, and thus our officers take great pride in promoting the Fleet they are a part of.

Admissions into these three Fleets is not easy or quick. First, a new applicant will have to spent about 4 weeks in the UFP academy as a cadet learning a lot of our policies and being trained in their primary trek game by our dedicated Academy Staff.  There are a number of tasks a cadet must accomomplish and they also have to sit theory examinations to test their knowledge. Depending on their performance, they then "graduate" as commissioned officers with the rank of Ensign and are assigned to a Fleet.

Once an officer, a whole lot of doors open up. Junior officers go on to become junior leaders, some go on to command squadrons (which are smaller command-level entities with in our Fleets). Others go on to join our many departments which service the Fleet, such as Security, Diplomacy, Engineering just to name a few. Others yet end up returning to the Academy and becoming trainers themselves, and maybe one day will lead the academy they started in. As an officers career progresses more doors open, you can go on to command entire Fleets or Departments within UFP. Eventually, you may make it far enough that you are able to command all of UFP's Fleets, or are nominated to join UFP's Council of Admirals which is the chief governing body of the Fleet. It is even possible that if you joined as a cadet, you could one day end up Fleet Admiral and command the fleet yourself. This can happen, I have done it before myself and many others are well on their way.

The 3rd and 4th objectives in UFP are covered by our departments. Diplomacy has a leading role in cooperating with bodies of similar aims, and we have several friends and allies from all walks of the community. It is not easy to become an ally of UFP, and that is the mistake many new fleets make when opening up communications with us by requesting an alliance. Do not do this as we will have to kindly turn you down. Our alliances have to be earnt and are often only saught with Fleets that we have already faught with side by side in battle and can be relied on in battle. They take years to form. Yet it is important to start and it is because of that we welcome new visitors all the time and actively seek to seed new friendships that will one day, hopefully, grow into better friendships and maybe new alliances.

The two most important internet assets UFP have are:

Our Website:
Our Forums

About the Website

A running joke through UFP history has been our incomplete website. Only a few key pages (Main Page, Diplomacy, "Policies", Enlist and some auto-updating rosters) are actually functional. The rest have never been finished. It is amusing as UFP was founded from two Fleets back in 2005 called "The Federation" [FEDS] and "Federation Command" [FC] which both had very complete websites and long histories of their own. It will one day, I assume, be completed but for the meantime we like to think of it signifying that our work in the community is never complete. But this is ofcourse philisophical drivel as it will be complete one day, and you'll all love it. 

Important Pages: - Our "Foreign Policy", Very important to read if you want to have relations with us. - Instructions on how to join UFP - The UFP Constitution, the highest document in UFP. It takes 6 councillors unanimously agreeing to modify a single word in that document. It is an outline of basic UFP organisation and structure, objectives, membership, etc. - Academy Webpage, this is probably (definately) out of date too except the roster. - Our Chain of Command, which is basically what our "ranking" system means. - Our "Code of Conduct" which is a small 7,000ish word document that dribbels on about stuff. - This is our internet speed and browser crash tester, if your computer can load our roster in less than a minute you've got a good connection and fast PC. If it does not, you'll have to update. It shows a lost of all currently serving commissioned UFP officers as well as their biographies. - Unfortunately the UFP Handbook is being revised, it should be available sometime in the next 5-10 years at current rates.

About the Forums

This is the central hub of UFP outside of games. We also operate a Teamspeak server that our officers frequently use, but for the most part all official forms of communication go through here. If you have not created an account there, now is as good a time as any. UFP member or not, all are warmly welcomed and respected for as long as you follow our conduct rules. We pride ourselves on professionalism, so please keep jokes in the "Entertainment Forum" and profanity off the forums.

Important Forums to note: - Our "oaths" forum, you post your oath to UFP here if you are applying to join (instructions on the website) - ----> Foreign Diplomats should post their salutations in this forum <---- - Our Public Announcements forum, bulletin for the brass to talk about things of importance. - Our Entertainment forum, friend of the bored, home of the 100 page topics of spam. Wasters of bandwidth. - Our Visitors forum, this is where those of no clan affiliation, (i.e. random people who don't know how they got here), post their greetings. Frequented by Foreign Diplomats for some unknown reason? - The War Foum. It has a list of all recorded battles with our war enemies, currently we are at peace, but in this forum you will find records of the war we had with an amusing collection of verbs and adjectives who call themselves Devil Dogs. It was like fishing with hand grenades... in buckets.

I am tired of writing, so if you'd like more information on us please feel free to drop by at our forums. You should know the correct places to make posts, so no excuses there. Request more information and ye shall receive. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you to Hailing Frequency for letting us post this here. A good morning/afternoon/evening to you all.


Admiral Jesse
Fleet Executive
The United Federation of Planets

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  • Howdy, folks!
THANK YOU for using Hailing Frequency! 

That is exactly why we are here. 

-Best :ilovestartrek:

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glad to see that the fleet is listed.

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Mmmm someone updated this thread of ours?
Posted in 2008 but lists STO as supported(which it is of course, and yeah ive been bad and absent)

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Good to see you Alexraptor!