New Infinate Space Screenshots!

Posted on February 13th, 2011 by Zach Nicodemous

Earlier this month, IGN reporter Charles Onyett got a chance to meet up with Ralf Adam, VP of Production of Gameforge and get some more information about the upcoming browser based game, Star Trek Infinite Space.

Like many online games these days, Infinite Space will be free to play and offer optional purchase options. “There will be many types of items for players to purchase, if they choose,” says Adam. “If you’d like your character to have a unique appearance, you can get many different clothes and other items. If you want to save time, there will be things like XP Boosts to help you progress faster. Let’s say we’re friends playing together but you’re spending twice as much time in the game, leveling up faster. If I want to go on a mission with you, I can buy an XP Boost to close the gap. Ships and systems, however, will always be available to you by playing the game.”

In addition, Ralf added:

“The game is set in the Deep Space Nine timeline. We love this setting, as it gives us so much freedom to tell new stories – the DS9 universe includes everything from DS9, The Next Generation or Voyager and there are even references back to The Original Series (TOS) and Enterprise. Also, the larger main story arc that spans over all seven seasons of DS9 is really inspiring. The Dominion War is an exciting scenario that sparks so many great game situations.”

You can read the article in full at

In addition, several new screenshots were released showcasing the graphics of the game, which look to be shaping up nicely.  (click to enlarge!)

What do you think about Infinite Space?  Let us know by leaving a comment.   Want more information about Infinite Space?  Be sure to keep an eye on Trek Radio ( in April as they attend FedCon in Germany and conduct a face to face interview with Keen Games, the developing force behind Infinite Space!

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