RSS Feeds

Hailing Frequency operates a number of RSS Feeds which you can subscribe to and get the latest Star Trek Gaming news as and when it happens.

In addition, we also operate a core RSS Feed for our Podcast, which is accessable on I-Tunes and a range of other Podcast services.


The Podcast RSS Feed The Podcast FeedThis is our most important feed, the podcast. Everytime we release a new podcast or special transmission, you will be instantly notified so you can download it in all of its glory! SUBSCRIBE

General Star Trek Gaming News RSS Feed General Star Trek Gaming NewsThis feed contains ANY Star Trek Gaming News, fan game news, official game news and of course, Star Trek Online. SUBSCRIBE

General Star Trek Gaming News + Hailing Frequency General Star Trek Gaming News + Hailing FrequencyThis feed contains all Star Trek Gaming News as above, plus news about Hailing Frequency competitions, shows, videos, meet-up, so on and so forth. SUBSCRIBE

Star Trek Online News Only RSS Feed Star Trek Online News Only – This feed only contains news and information about Star Trek Online. Any other news will not be included in this feed at all. SUBSCRIBE

Experiencing any problems with these feeds? Please let us know.