Unlocking Movement: Flexibility Exercises to Enhance Mobility and Flexibility

Flexibility is crucial for everyday movements, preventing injuries, and maintaining joint health.

Importance of Flexibility

Gently stretch the neck muscles by tilting the head from side to side and forward and backward.

Neck Stretches

Perform arm circles and shoulder rolls to improve range of motion and relieve tension.

Shoulder Mobility

Engage in gentle seated or lying spinal twists to promote spinal mobility and flexibility.

Spinal Twists

Stretch hip flexors with lunges, pigeon pose, and butterfly stretches to improve hip mobility.

Hip Openers

Ease hamstring tightness with forward bends, seated or standing, for improved leg flexibility.

Hamstring Stretch

Stretch quadriceps by bending one knee and holding the ankle towards the glutes.

Quadriceps Stretch

Engage in calf stretches by pushing against a wall or using a step for better calf flexibility.

Calf Stretches

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